I have been privileged to learn how market really behaves from Himanshu Sir.

I have been privileged and blessed to know about Shiksha For the Market and to learn how market really behaves from Himanshu sir. The system really makes us understand how the market is going to behave and it lets us be on the side the market and not get caught in wrong direction. The way this system works, it helps us to be away from all the noise in the market. There are many instances where I personally have experienced that, we as per the system are on the other side of the position than Market Pundits suggest and they are proven wrong.

Harshal Maniar

Professional Trader - MUMBAI

Mr Himanshu Shaah- The best teacher on Financial Markets Behaviour and Shiksha

Mr Himanshu Shaah- The best trainer on Financial Markets Behaviour and Shiksha – The best Price analysis course on Financial Markets . I have learnt many technical analysis but so far none could beat Shikshas ACCURACY AND PERFECTION.


Professional Trader - MUMBAI

In a search of a trading system with scientific approach

In a search of a trading system with scientific approach and universal application on any Stock , Commodity , Forex or Index , I came across "Shiksha for the Market" in August 2010. Since then, after initial learning and practice period, Shiksha paid off regularly. Today I am fully satisfied with the system and I dont see any need for any other system, any advisor, TV, News or pink papers to know how market is behaving and what lies ahead. System, after a regular practice, offers one to identify current trend of the market along with trades in tendem with that trend. Further, very regular upgrade of system thru refresher courses always Read More..

Dipesh Chhadva

Professional Trader - MUMBAI

Proud and Lucky enough to have knowledge of SHIKSHA

completed my course in Dec 2011 and practically practising (trading) since Jan 2012. Beauty of the system is that all future happenings and events of the market are already known to us through Price Analysis and I am very much proud and lucky enough to have knowledge of Shiksha System. With the help of this system, I am able to visualise "WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW" ,i.e market is in the leg of trending buy or pull back buy and trending sell or correction sell .Any chaos like international news , budget policies or company results are already discounted in this system . Read More..

Malay Gandhi

Professional Trader - MUMBAI

Intraday and positional trades strike rate have improved to 80:20

I have been practicing technical analysis for almost 13 years now, I joined Shiksha which was suggested by my close friend. I am practicing the theories for almost 3 years now, I can proudly say that my ratios for intraday and positional trades have improved to 80:20. I have not come across any material that is so compact, easy and powerful. I also want to thank you for your seamless and concentrated efforts to empower each and every student of yours, you take the effort to go that extra-mile when your students need you.

Learn The Art of Trading with SHIKSHA

Almost spending a decade on technical analysis trying to learn effective usage of Oscillators I came across The Shiksha system. After doing this course I have realised the importance of price. Years of struggle with Technical Analysis, Shiksha System made me realise that in this market you don’t need complicated tools to decide when to buy and when to sell. Identifying the trend and its leg and whether the market trading with support or resistance is taught in a very simple way. Most importantly it has a plan as to why you are buying or selling. I have yet to come across a Market tutor, mentor or a guru like Mr. Himanshu Shaah who says Read More..

Yogesh Jhaveri

Professional Trader - MUMBAI

Shiksha-only way to reach a stage where we can visualise and feel the market

I am a stock and commodity broker and an active trader since 2006. Before shiksha I used to trade based on tips, news, events and information. After joining shiksha in 2010 my whole way of trading changed. I have come across a way of effortless and stressless trading. My experience with the shiksha of around 4 years is really amazing. I have noticed and enjoyed the performance of shiksha on all major events and its really surprising to have noticed that all the major market moves have already been captured very well in shiksha by knowing price behaviour in advance.

Vaibhav Doshi CA

Professional Trader - MUMBAI

Trade Doubtless, Stressless and Effortless way with SHIKSHA SYSTEM

I have been doing Trading since many years... after learning SHIKSHA, I came to know how market behaves . How to trade Doubtless...Stressless... and Effortless way... Now I See Myself always on the right side of the Market. Its all because of Shiksha Only. Thank You Very Much to the Mentor HIMANSHU SHAAH Respected SIR for Teaching me and all the Shikshit .

Chetan P MIstry

Professional Trader - MUMBAI

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