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    Get Freedom:

    Get Freedom:Get freedom from all the external chaos & noise, Price has all and the first information.

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    How Market Behaves

    How Market Behaves:Knowing how market Behaves & how one should trade/ Invest well is more important than knowing how technical analysis or indicator works.

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    Its all about reacting

    Its all about acting Successful trading and investing is all about reacting to the market and not predicting, forecasting or anticipating.

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    Experience. Feel. Visualize!

    Experience. Feel. Visualize! Market is more about experiencing, feeling, realizing and visualizing; not analyzing alone.

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    Emotion free trading:

    Emotion free trading: How to consistently act in your best interest in a Doubtless, Stress less & effortless way



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Shiksha can more abstractly be looked at as simply 'an approach' 682KB
The behavior system focuses on emptying your metaphorical cup 265KB
This training focuses on rectifying deep-seated flaws in the market outlook developed 785KB
You may also wish to look at our personal experience and psychology section 223KB


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